The one big question?

In a recent forum of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (of which Red Thread is a member), there was a question about the Net Promoter Score -- or NPS. 

The question was:

"What's your opinion about having a single metric that sums up the customer experience for an organization?  Personally I believe the customer's journey is too complex to boil down into 1 metric. I've also seen the limitations of NPS, and compiled indexes are notoriously hard to move.  BUT this is a sexy proposition for the C-suite, including for our CEO who made the request. How would you argue for or against a single CX metric?"

As you can imagine, the responses were varied and lively with some verging on humorous (eg, "Ask him/her how they would feel if they got on a plane and the pilot told him/her he was going to fly the plane by only looking at one dial?") 

If you aren't currently measuring your customer's satisfaction, you can choose to use NPS (shown below) as your measure of the customer experience. Something is better than nothing.

But, if you want to dig a bit deeper, the three questions that you can ask at the end of a project engagement are: 1) was it easy to do business with you, 2) did you achieve the project goals, and 3) how you made the client feel during the process.